Client Background: Tiscali is Europe's 2nd largest internet service provider with over 7.6 million members globally.

Objective: To help retain and acquire new customers through an innovative customer loyalty scheme called SurfXtra.

How it works: Each month Tiscali offers customers a reward for being a loyal member. Members enjoy being able to select a product from a wide variety of software, pc games, movie DVDs, music CDs and gadgets. This highly successful customer retention tool is completely set-up, managed and maintained by Softpoint.

Client Benefits: Customer remains loyal to the ISP service. Goodwill and brand awareness is increased. Excellent database building opportunities for future targeted marketing.

Client Results: The SurfXtra Rewards scheme achieves in excess of 100,000 unique visits a month and over 30,000 gifts are redeemed. SurfXtra rewards emails also experience an impressive 54.4% open rate.

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